Spite: Patience And Perseverance

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Whilst a long break in live shows for the entire world put the music industry into somewhat of a stand still, one sub-genre of metal seemed to capitalise on the enforced hiatus more than anything else. Deathcore being rejuvenated and managing to capture a bigger audience than ever before wouldn’t have been on many people’s COVID-19 bingo cards but as a result, there are a number of exciting bands who are really starting to break through. One such band who are finally getting their dues on a larger scale than just the underground is SPITE.

Their new record Dedication To Flesh released on August 19th after being delayed from July. In a social media post from the band, they explained that they had decided to push the release date back a month to really do the album the justice that they felt like it deserved. “We felt like we weren’t properly pushing the album and, you know, we worked like three years on this record,” says vocalist Darius Tehrani. “It was kind of a gruelling process. Honestly, it took a lot out of us but it was worth all the pain of course.”

After taking some time to build some more excitement for the record with new merch drops and a new videos, the band now feel like the release date isn’t sneaking up on everybody. “With dedication to flesh coming out, Rise (Records) has been super supportive of us and it’s an album we spent longer than any other record on. We have no gripes with it, you know, the mix is exactly how we want it on every song, front to back, like there’s not a single issue that anyone in the band has with it. The most exciting part is that we know that this is ours, as of right now, and the maturity of our band, this is our full potential and people are going to hear that for the first time.”

Whilst it was their label’s suggestion to push the record back a month, it seemed like an obvious move for SPITE after they had felt a little let down by their previous projects releases. Citing feeling rushed and some previous label issues with their last album, 2019’s The Root Of All Evil simply didn’t capture the excitement of the band or the fans in the way either party would’ve hoped for. If the singles are anything to go by, Dedication To Flesh is the complete opposite. Whilst SPITE are still just as in your face as ever, this is an aggressive record that will turn the head of your average metal listener through the strength of the songwriting and performances alone.

“This is a record where we really wanted to do something different and leave our footprint. We took elements and inspiration from all different kinds of metal and you know, me and Alex [Tehrani, guitars] grew up on a bunch of different kinds of stuff, LAMB OF GOD is a huge one of them. You don’t look at LAMB OF GOD and go that’s a deathcore band, you know what I’m saying, they’re just a fucking metal band. And that just leaves them no limitations and anyone can get on board. There’s blast beats and breakdowns there’s circle pit riffs, it’s got everything but then solos and just grooves as well and that’s what we did with this record.”

With some added time to build momentum for Dedication To Flesh, the band feeling incredibly positive about the material and the excitement around deathcore, this finally feels like the wave that SPITE have been waiting for. With a spot on the UK/EU Impericon Never Say Die! Tour alongside SUICIDE SILENCE and AFTER THE BURIAL, they’re finally getting their dues thanks to the quality of their releases. Whilst previous projects releases may have failed to live up to their expectations, Dedication To Flesh is their new calling card.

“People are really excited about things that are very in your face and what’s more in your face than deathcore. It’s all shock value and people that aren’t into metal are seeing that and they’re just getting excited off of it right now because they’re just like whoa and it’s becoming a whole new monster right now and it’s cool to be a part of that.”

“The only thing that I really hope we get from it, as far as deathcore getting a little bit bigger, is that people respect it just like anything else. But it seems like it is, you know, a lot of people are showing up now to the shows and bands are going to be able to start making real careers, like deathcore bands, off their music, which is incredible because that’s a dream come true. So, I’m excited. I’m excited for that.”

Dedication To Flesh is out now via Rise Records.

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