Six Underrated Guitar Riffs

Everyone has a riff or three that they think deserves more praise from the community at large.

In this video, Robert Baker and some of his internet pals offer up their picks for the top underrated riffs of all time.

Since these are “underrated riffs,” it’s likely that you’ll be unfamiliar with some or them. Each of the guys introduces the riff they’ve selected and explains why they think it merits attention. They then cap it off by treating us to a performance of their selection.

Robert is joined here by Leo Moracchioli of Frog Leap Studios; Ryan Bruce of Riffs, Bears & Gear; Ola Englund of the bands Feared and the Haunted; Henning Pauly of EytschPi42; and Trey Xavier of Gear Gods and In Virtue.

Check it out, and tell us your pick for most underrated riff.

Be sure to visit Robert Baker’s YouTube channel for more of his videos.

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