Shawn Lane: Michael G Strickland – Personal Shawn Lane Audio Collection – a fans delight!

Michael G Strickland – Personal Shawn Lane Audio Collection (Alternate takes & Vocal versions) Featuring the Vocals & Lyrics of: Johnny Singer (of the Highlights) – 1984 Cassette Recordings – Eight years before the release of “Powers Of Ten”! (1992)

Almost an hour of Shawn Lane playing Shawn Lane songs ..end of story!

Most tunes are easily recognizable.. some may not be.

* Shawn and I used to trade home made tapes (such as this one), music books, records, Dr Gene Scott books, ideas.. just about anything and everything at one time. I still have the Marshall Crenshaw LP that he gave me. It was among the many things that the family retrieved of his deceased sister. The Crenshaw LP was in her record collection.. I mentioned that I had wanted to learn “Some Day Some Way” which was on that record.. so he gave it to me.

These recordings are alternate takes of material that he was working on at the time which includes several tunes that also include VOCALS (bet no-one ever expected that!) provided by Johnny Singer.. another one of Shawn’s many musical friends around Memphis. As far as I know Shawn is playing all instruments (which was normal for him to do). And except for Johnny Singer’s additional voice.. this is Shawn Lane at his best. And these early cassette versions predate his first “Big Label” release by 8 years! (“Powers Of Ten” wasn’t released until 1992.)

As a side note. Shawn’s 2nd CD, “Tri-tone Fascination” was recorded utilizing Les Burchfield’s studio talents. Les is a “featured” drummer in one of my band videos previously posted. Video also includes band members Buddy Davis (Target) & Tommy Cathey (Degarmo & Key).

DISCLAIMER: I own the physical cassette of these recordings (now converted to digital) that Shawn shared with me. I do not own any copyrights to any of the material presented here. I’m sharing these alternate versions with you.. the world.. a little of my personal collection as it was shared with me 33 years ago.. time I spent pondering the universe with a friend.

[ Notice to Johnny Singer. You and I have never met therefore I was unable to ask for your permission to post those versions that include your vocals & lyrics. Shawn shared these recordings, including your work, with me.. now I’m sharing.. however.. if you are out there somewhere.. and because we’ve never met personally.. if you would prefer that I remove your contribution/collaboration segments you recorded with Shawn included here.. I’ll be more than happy to heed your wishes. It’d be a shame.. but I would do it should you request it. ]

To the World.. Enjoy!

No money is to be made from any material used in this collection. Share for the love of the man and his music. Besides.. these recordings are PRICELESS!

Shawn Lane: Michael G Strickland – Personal Shawn Lane Audio Collection
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