SEO Checklist For Musicians

BzBlog_SEO-checklist-musicians_IMG01-2Figuring out how to begin optimizing your band’s presence within search engines can be a complicated and confusing process. This article makes it easier by breaking down the steps into a comprehensive and easily accessible checklist.


In this recent post to MusicThinkTank, Wes Walls offers up a complete checklist for bands and musicians looking to optimize their presence on search engines.

“▢ Brainstorm and research your target keywords. Make a list. (Your “Master Band Keyword List”)

▢ Build a band website if you don’t have one yet.

▢ Link to your website from all of your social profiles and other pages. And vice versa.

▢ Add your website to Google Search Console.

▢ Submit your website XML sitemap to Google Search Console.

▢ Optimize your website content, including:

▢  Title tags and meta descriptions

▢ Make sure pages have text content

▢ H1/h2/h2 header tags

▢ Image alt text

▢ Descriptive URLs”

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