Sammy Hagar: Van Halen Reunion a "Dead Horse"

Earlier this year, Sammy Hagar—while mostly casting doubt over the potential of a Van Halen reunion—kept the door open for one, saying he would be open to it if it included original bassist Michael Anthony and, oddly enough, original and current frontman David Lee Roth.

Hagar proposed that him and Roth would trade off songs, while all the proceeds from the tour would be given to charity.

Now though, Hagar has poured a bit of cold water on that idea, calling the idea of a reunion with the Van Halen brothers a “dead horse.”

Speaking to Newsday, Hagar said “The last thing I want to do is have one of us, that are still alive and able to do something, die and then go, ‘I wish we would have got together one more time.’ The Van Halen thing, I think, is a dead horse.”

“Honestly, I’m so busy and occupied with everything else in my life that it’s not on my front burner where every day I’m checking my e-mail.

“It’s not on my bucket list.”

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