RUDY SARZO Says ‘There’s No Blueprint Anymore’ For Success In Music Industry

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In a new interview with The Network317 Podcast, legendary hard rock bassist Rudy Sarzo was asked what advice he has for up-and-coming musicians who are looking to make it in the music industry. He responded (see video below): “Any advice that I can give, really, is based on my references on a music industry that does not exist. I can give you advice, but I think there’s better-suited people out there who are more currently on the pulse of what’s going on. I can only give you advice based on what’s considered right now a classic rock musician. Had the industry not changed, yes, I can give you pearls of wisdom.

“Certain things still apply, but I think what the musicians need more today than ever is mentorship from people who are doing it right now — the ones who are currently producing the sounds that are popular,” he continued. “Whatever structure there happens to be in the record industry, I’m not even aware. And I have this conversation with many successful people. We’re all in the same boat.

“There used to be a formula,” he added. “There used to be an infrastructure. And if you have a structure, there’s a formula. There used to be a blueprint that you can build something. There’s no blueprint anymore. Different things work.”

In 2006, Rudy released the book “Off The Rails: Aboard The Crazy Train In The Blizzard Of Ozz”, a first-hand account of his friendship on and off the road with Randy Rhoads and Ozzy Osbourne.

A collector’s edition of “Off The Rails”, was made available in August 2008 via TooSmart! Publishing.

The book was originally due in 2005 but was delayed after Sharon allegedly applied pressure to have it pulled.

Sarzo — who began playing bass for Osbourne in 1981 (the same year he toured with MOTÖRHEAD) — joined THE GUESS WHO in 2016. His first album with the group, “The Future IS What It Used To Be”, was released in September 2018 via Cleopatra Records.

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