PRETTY MAIDS' Cancer-Stricken Singer RONNIE ATKINS Wrote New Song When He 'Hit Rock Bottom Mentally And Emotionally'

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On the heels of his well received solo album “One Shot”, Danish vocalist Ronnie Atkins (PRETTY MAIDS) has announced the upcoming release of a new EP, “4 More Shots (The Acoustics)” on October 1. The EP consists of one previously unreleased studio track, “Carry Me Over”, and three acoustic songs. All three acoustic tracks — “When Dreams Are Not Enough”, “Picture Yourself” and “Real” — have original studio versions that appear on “One Shot”. Additionally, the EP contains a special bonus track, “One Shot” (Orchestra Version) that was originally available as a bonus track in Japan with the album “One Shot”.

‘Carry Me Over’ was in fact the first song I wrote after I was told my cancer was back in March 2020,” Ronnie explains. “It was written when I hit rock bottom mentally and emotionally and in a very hopeless and frustrating period of time in my life. That’s pretty obvious when you listen to the lyrics. So when I had to decide which songs were gonna go on the album ‘One Shot’, I deliberately decided to leave ‘Carry Me Over’ out for two reasons. One being the fact that, you know, I simply thought the lyrics were too sad/depressing and that’s not what I wanted to signal to the fans. Second, I felt it would tip the balance on the album. However, I still think it’s a beautiful melody. Melancholic indeed, but also very honest and therefore I can back it up at any time. That’s how I felt, and that was the state of my mind when I wrote it. Today, I’m in a different place — not diagnosis-wise, really, but I feel good and I guess I’ve somehow learned how to adapt to the situation and deal with it. Thanks to immunotherapy, a positive mindset, and, not the least of which, the almighty God, I’m still here.”

“4 More Shots (The Acoustics)” was produced and mixed by Chris Laney, co-produced and arranged by Anders Ringman, and mastered by Jacob Hansen. It was recorded during 2020 at Hansen Studios, Laneyland Studios and Platform CPR.

The musicians appearing on the EP are:

* Ronnie Atkins: Lead and backing vocals
* Chris Laney: Acoustic guitars, Bass and backing vocals
* Anders Ringman: Acoustic and lead guitars, Bass, Piano, Keyboards.
* Allan Sørensen: Drums
* Linnea Vikström Egg: Backing vocals

Track listing:

01. Carry Me Over
02. When Dreams Are Not Enough (acoustic version)
03. Picture Yourself (acoustic version)
04. Real (acoustic version)
05. One Shot (orchestra version – bonus track)

The 56-year-old Atkins was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2019 and underwent at least 33 radiation and four chemotherapy treatments in the fall of that year before being declared cancer-free. In October 2020, he announced that his cancer had returned.

Photo credit: Tallee Savage

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