PREMIERE: Obscene – Kuro

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We here at Distorted Sound are delighted to premiere a brand new music video from KURO!

The new music video, for the track Obscene, the latest single from the electronic dance metal and follows the release of their Death By Aesthetic EP in October last year (which featured the single Lividity – also premiered here on Distorted Sound).

Outfits for the music video were provided by Forthefly Customs and Katzlittlefactory.

Speaking about the new song, founding member and multi-instrumentalist Kuro explains, “Having grown up in a small conservative town I’ve spent my entire life being told I’m “different”, a “weirdo” or “freak” and that I’d never make anything of myself because of it- I think many others can empathise and relate to this and have also spent their lives feeling disconnected and so I wrote this song to them. Obscene is a celebration of the alternative, queer and trans movements whom have been segregated and discriminated against all their lives for simply choosing to live their truth. I hope this song can provide a sense of empowerment for those mentioned above and to be a reminder they’re not alone in this and we all stand united through our difference from the norm. The music video (by Stephen Dewar Visuals) aims to acknowledge the abnormal and different, to remind people that those that are different have value and meaning.”

Watch the official music video for Obscene exclusively here:

For more information on KURO like their official page on Facebook.

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