Peter Frampton Storms Off Stage After Two Fans Get More Attention Than He Does

Peter FramptonGuitar legend Peter Frampton irritated some fans after he walked off stage during a concert in Minnesota on Sunday. According to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Frampton was opening for Steve Miller Band during a concert at the Treasure Island Casino in Red Wing, MN.


image from www.celebrityaccess.comAt a Peter Frampton concert with Steve Miller in Minneapolis, a fan held up the cover from “Frampton Comes Alive,” and was featured on two large display screens flanking the stage, drawing a cheer from the crowd. Unfortunately, the cheer came in the middle of a guitar solo, apparently irritating Frampton, which was then compounded by the cameras catching a second fan holding up one of the guitarist’s albums.

As the Star Tribune reports, Frampton expressed his displeasure in expletive form to the camera operator and then left the stage entirely, only returning later after the displays had been shut off.

Casino spokesman Kevin Smith told the Star-Tribune on Monday that Frampton “apparently didn’t like what was on the video board for one reason or another. That was obvious.”

Fans took to social media after the show to express their views on Frampton’s reaction.

“Lost all respect for what you did at last nights concert in Minnesota! Grow up and lose your big ego!” one fan, Sue Hutner, wrote on Facebook.

“Saw you last night at Treasure Island Casino in Welch, MN. Your music is better than ever. You stormed off stage because the camera man showed a gal holding her Frampton album instead of showing you during a guitar solo. Your reaction was really unfortunate. He got the crowd going. It was awesome to see that! Didn’t you hear everyone cheering? Then you cut the camera all together. This didn’t punish him but it did punish your paying audience. We couldn’t see a thing then. And that’s too bad. We love to see the technique and the expressions and the play between musicians. But you choose to take that away from your paying audience. If we were at a concert hall I might understand your actions better. But an outdoor concert at a casino?” said another Frampton Fan, Tracy Heinze, on the social media service.

via CelebrityAccess

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