Paul Reed Smith’s PRS Band Releases ‘Time to Testify’ Album

Legendary guitarmaker and guitarist for the PRS Band, Paul Reed Smith has the world’s attention with his latest release, Time to Testify.

Produced by Wyzard Seay, Brent Mason, Peter Denenberg and Paul himself, the album—released on Steve Vai’s Favored Nations label—is both memorable and addictive.

Time to Testify delivers a strong, tight, driving rhythm section with three bass players, searing guitar solos on Paul Reed Smith signature guitars, along with powerhouse vocals.

The band recently released their third video from the album entitled “The Truth’ll Set You Free.” This inventive remake of a Mother’s Finest anthem features scenes of the band and Mother’s Finest bassist, Wyzard Seay, at the production helm. Watch it below.

The PRS Band, composed of the Grainger brothers (Greg and Gary) in the rhythm section, Michael Ault and Bill Nelson on guitars, vocalist Mia Samone, and Paul Reed Smith on guitar, weaves together their own combination of funk, rock, R&B, fusion and DC/Baltimore groove that Paul has dubbed as “Chesapeake Gumbo.”

The PRS Band’s album was released in China and the US, and is getting considerable airplay on China Radio International’s “Beijing Music Radio” show. Legendary radio host and famous DJ Zhang Youdai and his fans have ravenously embraced the release.

Included in his airplay of the PRS Band is an unreleased version of a famous, traditional Chinese folk song entitled “Clouds Chasing the Moon.” Zhang’s programs reach millions of listeners each week and Time to Testify is on heavy rotation as a favorite.

Paul’s schedule as Managing General Partner of PRS Guitars—the successful guitar manufacturing company that bears his initials—keeps him quite busy. However, Paul and the PRS Band intend to tour to promote Time to Testify with shows in Japan, China, and more.

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