Paul Gilbert, Li-sa-X: PG-30 Zepp Tokyo 2016.9.26

Go down in history, 35 songs, 39 minutes non-stop medley!
★ 2017 March 22, on sale now!
Paul Gilbert
, “PG-30 Zepp Tokyo 2016.9.26”
● DVD —- IEBP-10119 ¥ 5,000 + tax
● 2CD —- IECP-20260/261 ¥ 3,704 + tax

Paul Gilbert, 30th Anniversary Live design a full-length recording of!
Outstanding boned guitar performance of the pole will be released on DVD and 2CD!
35 songs medley over the approximately 40 minutes of the opening is a must-see! Co-starring part of the genius elementary school guitarist “Li-sa-X” also was recorded, has become a spectacular, listening to meet outstanding work!

PAUL GILBERT / PG-30 Zepp Tokyo 2016.9.26 ★Release!!

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