Paul Gilbert Asks Steve Morse, Steve Lukather and John Petrucci “What’s Your Most Common Errand?”

A spontaneous meeting of guitar greats took place at the Ernie Ball booth during NAMM 2017.

Paul Gilbert was in the middle of an interview when he was suddenly joined by John Petrucci, Steve Lukather and Steve Morse. Not surprisingly, each man uses Ernie Ball strings, and Morse, Petrucci and Lukather all have signature Music Man model guitars.

In the clip, below, Gilbert and Ernie Ball CEO Sterling Ball are being interviewed by Lee of Andertons Music Company when they’re unexpectedly joined by Petrucci and Lukather (around the 8:08 mark).

“Now we are ready to form the new Whitesnake,” Gilbert says. 

Gilbert uses the occasion to remind Lukather (who doesn’t remember at all) about a session the famed studio guitarist played on the album I’m Your Girlfriend, by Dara Sedaka, daughter of Neil Sedaka. “To me, that’s one of the undiscovered gems of Eighties pop,” Gilbert says. “She was marketed as really super clean. And the single, the name of the song: ‘Huggin’’ You played the killer solo on ‘Huggin’,’ dude!” [NOTE: Check it out below!]

We won’t print Lukather’s reply, but go see for yourself.

Steve Morse shows up at 11:20, by which point Gilbert is asking each of the guys about their daily errands.

“You can tell a lot about a guitar player by their errands,” he says. Have a look.

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