Pandora, Twitter Launch Emoji Driven Tweet For A Playlist Campaign

image from s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.comA very busy Pandora this morning announced a custom emoji program on Twitter as part of their “Sounds Like You” branding campaign. How it works:


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Tweet “@pandoramusic + #soundslike + any emoji” and get an automated response from @pandoramusic with copy and a station / mixtape that that emoji “sounds like.”

For example, if someone tweets “@pandoramusic what does :bee emoji: #soundlike?” … we would tweet back, “@user #SoundsLike @Beyonce, of course! Try another emoji for more music.”

That response would include a deep-link to Beyonce’s station on pandora. As there are ~1,300 emojis, results are a mash-up of genre stations, artist stations, random mixtapes, official “Sounds Like” mixtapes, etc.

Some examples: 

1. Goat – Drake
· @handletoreplyto who is GOAT? #SoundsLike our most-played artist Drake!

2. Fire – New Hip Hop
· @handletoreplyto #SoundsLike new fire tracks lined up just for you :fire:fire:fire:

3. Flushed face – One Hit Wonder Party
· @handletoreplyto embarrassed? #SoundsLike someone’s been listening to guilty pleasures…

4. Snail – Slow Jams
· @handletoreplyto … :snail:… #SoundsLike… our… Slow… Jams… station…

5. High voltage sign – David Bowie
· @handletoreplyto Ziggy, is that you? :zap: #SoundsLike David Bowie, of course!

6. Night with stars – Sounds Like Big Sean
· @handletoreplyto check out that ‘Dark Sky Paradise’ :night_with_stars: … #SoundsLike Big Sean!

7. Gorilla – Sounds Like Gorillaz
· @handletoreplyto #SoundsLike Gorillaz, of course!

8. Woman’s boot – Sounds Like Miranda Lambert
· @handletoreplyto work those cowboy boots! #SoundsLike Miranda Lambert.

9. Studio microphone – Questlove Supreme
· @handletoreplyto :studio_microphone: #SoundsLike Questlove Supreme, featuring special guests each week!

10. Ear – Sounds Like You mixtape
· @handletoreplyto :ear: #SoundsLike something you’ll enjoy.

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