Ormsby Unveils GTR Headless Multiscale Guitar

Ormsby GTR Headless Multiscale six-, seven- and eight-string models

Ormsby Guitars has unveiled its new GTR Headless Multiscale guitar.

The guitar’s headless design reduces its weight and length, while its chambered body adds a pleasant mid-range, weight relief and acoustic resonance. The guitar also features a multiscale fret system, which is designed to improve ergonomics and intonation.

The GTR Headless Multiscale also comes with a number of finishes—including Ormsby copper—custom Hipshot USA hardware, stainless steel frets and a custom gig bag.

Street prices for the GTR Headless Multiscale are $1,699 AUD(~$1360 USD) for the six-string model, $1,769 AUD (~$1415 USD) for the seven-string model and $1,849 AUD (~$1480 USD) for the eight-string model.

For more information, stop by ormsbyguitars.com.

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