Nux Announces Lacerate FET Boost Mini Pedal

Lacerate FET Boost is a booster pedal designed for boosting up guitar signals in several ways.

Besides boosting the clean guitar volume, players can also boost the gain and adjust the signal level separately to keep it the same, higher, or lower than the input level.

Lacerate FET Boost includes two boost modes; Clean and Crank.

In Clean mode, the pedal boosts the signal and allows an increase in volume without any sound colorization. When players need to boost volume level using the original tone to play a solo part, simply activate the pedal and it will increase the signal to the adjusted volume level. To use Crank mode, hold the switch for one second and the gain signal will be cranked up. Players can then adjust the output level as needed.

The Lacerate FET Boost price will be $54.99.

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