Nova Twins: Urban-Punk and Rap-Rock Rebellion

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“Somebody fucked to get you here.” And it’s true; somebody did have to get down and dirty for you to be born onto this plain, that’s no secret. So why then, is there still a huge stigma around the idea that women can actually enjoy sex? Shock horror! Alternative duo NOVA TWINS have recently dropped their latest single Puzzles, with lyrical themes that explore casual flings, unfiltered lust, and all of the shenanigans that go along with it. 

Taken from their upcoming sophomore album, Supernova, bassist Georgia South and vocalist/guitarist Amy Love have already “seen a couple of comments where some men have said, ‘there are already songs about sex. This is hardly original. I’m so sick of this feminist bullshit.’ And it’s those types of comments that make this conversation still relevant, this is why it’s still an issue,” expresses Amy.

The urban-punk rockers are beacons of self-empowerment, self-worth, individuality, equality, and body positivity, manifesting themselves into the role models they always wanted to see growing up, and that in turn resonates with their fanbase. “‘Finally, we can twerk and mosh at the same time!’ That’s exactly what we were going for with Puzzles.” Braiding strings of their R&B upbringings with threads of nu-metal, rap-rock, and distortion, Georgia and Amy are the perfect genre-bending combo to satiate fans of almost any vibe and sound, including that of alternative/indie musician YUNGBLUD. Having just sat down in an unmarked green room backstage in Hamburg in the midst of their support slot across his European tour, the girls are excited to border hop across countrysides and cityscapes, taking in the alien and the familiar. “We’re going to Amsterdam for the first time this weekend which we’re very excited for. We’ve always wanted to explore the city, visit the Red Light District, and make use of the coffee shops,” explains Amy. “The canals are supposed to be lovely too, but I doubt we’ll get much time,” adds Georgia. “These are the pros and cons of being on tour. We were in a van for eight hours yesterday travelling through Poland, so we just had to stare out the window and admire how green it all was from there.”

It’s not just the alternative pop world that have their sights set on NOVA TWINS as one of their own though, as the duo’s fuzz-laden bass lines, electro-rock guitars, and fierce no-bullshit-attitude has earned the respect of metalcore titan BRING ME THE HORIZON’s Oli Sykes, alternative juggernauts SKUNK ANANSIE, and rap metal icon RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE’s Tom Morello. Having already supported Morello’s supergroup, PROPHETS OF RAGE in 2018, Amy and Georgia screamed with excitement when receiving an email asking them to open up for RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE for one night only in August. Georgia predicts that “the crowd is going to be ridiculous. Every time we do a DJ set and put on a RAGE track, the whole place just opens up into a mosh pit. Carnage.” Amy ruminates on how far they’ve come, “a lot of people have grown up with RAGE, and a lot of people will bring their kids, because it’s their heritage act. It’s going to be a special moment for us to be even to be on that stage.”

Not only does Supernova explore their sexualities, but the record also tackles topics of body image in Toolbox, love and loss in A Dark Place for Somewhere Beautiful, misogyny and empowerment in Cleopatra, and feelings of anger and resentment in KMB (Kill my Boyfriend). It’s not been plain sailing to get to this point though, and there’s still a long way to go for the ship to reach the shoreline. “People like PRINCE, DAVID BOWIE, FREDDIE MERCURY, ELTON JOHN, ELVIS, KISS, and the NEW YORK DOLLS, are all so flamboyant and amazing, wearing high heels and flares with big hair and makeup, and they’re absolute national treasures,” begins Amy. “Despite the colourful fashion sense, they were never questioned about their musical capabilities or their songwriting skills, but with women it’s different.”

It’s not just in music either. Georgia goes on to outline that “it’s also in the work place and in businesses. You have to wear a power suit and can’t show too much leg otherwise you won’t get taken seriously. Likewise, if you’re a bit colourful in heavy music and you like the colour pink or something fun, then that means you’re not taking it seriously so why should others? If PRINCE can sit there and where a bright purple outfit and play a sparkly guitar, then to think a woman can’t do exactly the same thing is stupid.” Fashion is NOVA TWINS’ most durable and impenetrable armour. What do you do if you can’t find what you’re looking for? You tear shit up and make it yourself. “It starts at the Fabric Shop,” outlines Amy, “it’s closed down now which is very sad, but the fabric, the colours, and the textures will call to us. For the stage, we value comfort. We want to feel calm. It’s got to hold everything in the right place, and it’s got to not get stuck on our guitar straps.” Georgia almost keels over at the memory of when they “did a gig in latex once. Terrible. The more nervous we are for a show, the comfier we’ll dress. Those are our comfy creations.”

Having a strong aesthetic and utilising that eye-catching image for social media has become the standard and is expected of musicians, to the point it can become exhausting. Many artists in recent years have confessed to burn-out, needing to take a step back from certain online platforms for the sake of their own well-being. No matter what corner of the Internet you turn your gaze to, in amidst the funny cat videos, impressive re-workings of famous songs, and useful ‘how-to’ tutorials, there’s a shitstorm of negativity, war, famine, and hate at every turn. “I think it’s extremely important for us to keep moving forward,” warns Amy. “We feel different things in different ways because we’re human. Certain things happen in your life and you have to find a way to get through it: it’s sink or swim.” Georgia elaborates, “we’ve got things that help us get through the day, like taking CBD drops, Rescue Remedies to help us sleep on tour, and if we’re feeling particularly down, it’s just nice to chat with friends or go for a peaceful walk.”

In a world where just existing is enough to cause a stir, it’s fun to take that to the next level. Pushing the boundaries of genres and blurring the lines between alternative music is a rebellious feat in itself, one that has paid off in spades, and will continue to do so much further down the trail NOVA TWINS are blazing for themselves and those that will come after them. Supernova is a love letter to identity and individuality, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Supernova is out now via Marshall Records.

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