Nick Andrew: Allan Holdsworth tribute ‘The Uncommon Chord’

Like many other people, the passing of Allan Holdsworth had a deep effect on me.
Since I first heard him on the IOU album, I’ve always thought that’s how guitar should sound. As a mere mortal I could never really copy his playing and I’ve never really tried, but I have absorbed many things from listening to his playing.
The thing that has resonated most is his approach to chords and not viewing them as static voicings, but something that is organic and interchangable within any harmony.
I hope he would approve of my wee tribute. It took a couple of hours to write and three days of constant practice and a bout of tendonitis to get this under my fingers!

A huge thanks to the photographers who were kind enough to give permission to use their photos (you must always get permission to use a photo from the internet).

Scott Jones (brilliant guitarist)…
Miles Stefano Alocci
Alan Clare
Gerald Sylvester
Alan Wormald
Al Garcia

And of course, thank you Allan Holdsworth!

Allan Holdsworth tribute ‘The Uncommon Chord’ by Nick Andrew

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