New Music: Local vs. National Releases

1After sinking a massive amount of time and energy into crafting an album, it can be tempting to rush out and dump it on the market, but releasing new music needs to be done carefully and methodically, and releasing locally is a very different animal from a national release.



In this recent post to MusicThinkTank, Paul Corsi outlines the correct procedure to following when releasing new music, depending on whether you’re in the local or national stage.

“Planning a release is two fold. First, and very importantly, there is the local show. This is your time to shine in the scene and to finally get your music to the fans. But second, and much more importantly, is the national release. We live in an age of digital formats, and if you’re not putting your music online, you are severely limiting your reach. I understand that you might want the digital release to coincide with the actual show, but sometimes they just don’t line up – and that’s okay!”

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