New Jay-Z Album 4:44 Explodes On Twitter Despite (Or Because Of?) TIDAL, Sprint Exclusive Release

image from images.complex.comJay-Z released his new album, “4:44,” last night. Even though the album is only available to TIDAL and Sprint customers, over the next 12 hours it generated more than 810,000 tweets. There were also been nearly 230K Tweets mentioning Beyonce in that same timeframe.


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Jay Z’s new album, “4:44,” was released overnight to TIDAL and Sprint customers only.  Over the next 12 hours it generated more than 810,000 tweet. With numbers like that, it is not hard to imagine that many of those tweeting heard the album via “unofficial” sources. 

The TIDAL/Sprint exclusive will reportedly only last for one week. But how many legitimate sales and streams will Jay-Z lose during that week?

Some of the most Tweeted about songs so far are “The Story of O.J.” and “4_44.” “The Story of O.J.” took the lead by mid-day Friday, with over 55K Tweets mentioning the song title.

1. “The Story of O.J.”
2. “Kill Jay Z”
3. “Bam”
4. “Smile”
5. “Family Feud”


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