New gear from Traveler Guitar, ZVEX, TUSQ, Mooer, and TC Electronic

Traveler Guitar
Pro-Series Deluxe
$499 street

The Deluxe offers a number of upgrades to the Pro-Series line, including a hybrid piezo/humbucker pickup arrangement (so you can play full-on electric and acoustic sounds), an ebony fretboard, abalone inlays, locking tuners, and gold hardware. Gig bag included.

Fuzz Factory Vertical
$199 street

The Vertical offers the same fuzz controls as the original, horizontal Fuzz Factory, but places them onto a more “pedalboard friendly” enclosure. Two new/old-stock germanium transistors power the buzz, and sounds automatically gate off when you stop riffing.

Thumb Picks
$9.95 street

These thumbpicks are reminiscent of vintage tortoise shell—they’re thin, tough, and articulate. Sold in packs of three, the new thumbpicks are available in three different tones (bright, warm, deep), and two gauges (.88mm, 1.4mm).

$88 street

This true-bypass pedalboard headphone amplifier utilizes an analog Class A circuit, and comes with stereo and mono inputs, and stereo and mixed mono outputs. It can also double as a signal boost/buffer.

TC Electronic
Analog Armada
$49 street

Calling it the “Analog Armada,” TC Electronic is putting out a series of budget, analog stompboxes. The eight pedals are comprised of three gain pedals (overdrive, fuzz, and metal distortion), three modulation pedals (chorus, tremolo, and an octaver), an autoswell, and a noise gate. All pedals have a steel enclosure, top-mounted jacks, and are true bypass.

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