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NAPALM DEATH bassist Shane Embury has been a major figure in grindcore for more than four decades, and his story is closely tied to the history of that scene. Tentatively due in 2022 via Rocket 88, a new book called “Life? … & Napalm Death” will take the reader on a front seat, white-knuckle ride through the sights, sounds, places and people who have been central to the music and the life. Told in his own, inimitable style, this is not just the life story of Shane, but also a history of NAPALM DEATH and the development of death metal and grindcore from their beginnings to the present.

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Embury has been one of the underground rock and metal scenes’ most prolific and inventive figures over the last 30-plus years, with countless intriguing (and generally deafening) bands and projects to his name.

In a 2012 interview with Brazil’s Roadie Crew, Shane stated about his early interest in music: “I came from a very small town called Broseley which is in the county of Shropshire — 40 miles from Birmingham. I was one of four friends into metal and we were tape trading with Bill Steer [CARCASS] and people like that and we were getting into faster music like POSSESSED and DEATH, so we formed WARHAMMER, who were I guess the first death metal band in the U.K. before ONSLAUGHT. We had a demo called ‘Abbattoir Of Death’ and I originally started playing drums in that band. I had always wanted to play in a band since I was six or seven, so this was one step further towards my dream. AZAGTHOTH was a band I played in with the guitar player of WARHAMMER, a guy called Pete Giles, who later played in many bands, one of them being SCALPLOCK. WARHAMMER‘s and AZAGTHOTH‘s music was very intense death metal.”

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