My Favourite Nemesis release new music video for ‘Eidolon’

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MY FAVOURITE NEMESIS have released a new music video!

The new music video, for the track Eidolon, is the brand new single from the Finnish modern metal band is the title track of their new album, which was released last Friday.

Speaking about the new song, vocalist Janne Piela says, “we started writing Eidolon pretty much immediately after we had finished recording our debut album, Rift. We wanted to make this offering more straight-forward than our previous releases. This meant writing more traditional song structures and taking more into consideration how the songs compliment each other, and the album as a whole. Also, this time around, we decided not to work with any outside producers, as we wanted this record to sound exactly the way we envisioned it ourselves.

The name Eidolon comes from ancient Greek literature, which I’m personally very fascinated by. An eidolon is a shade or a phantom of a person and that just fit perfectly the themes of this album. The story on the album goes from someone being an empty shell of their former self and in the end becoming whole again.”

Watch the official music video for Eidolon here:

Speaking of the recording process, Piela notes, “during the recording, we went through some line up changes, with members leaving the band to pursue different goals in life. This certainly put some strain on the whole process. Luckily, we managed to fill the void and finish the record with Sanna and Vade (drums) joining the band. They also provided their own input and finishing touches on the songs. Overall, we are very proud of this album and how far we’ve come as songwriters and as a band. We pushed each other to make the best music we can together and I think it’s safe to say it really paid off.”

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