MOTÖRHEAD’s Official ‘Ace Of Spades’ Candle Features A ‘Smoked Whiskey’ Fragrance

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Evoke Candle Co., a luxury brand candle company that creates candle scents inspired by songs and musical memories, has announced its officially licensed MOTÖRHEAD “Ace Of Spades” candle. The candle is inspired by what is one of the most loved songs by any band ever. The track was released in November 1980, with its iconic riff and drum intro still as punchy today as it was four decades ago.

The MOTÖRHEAD “Ace Of Spades” candle features a smoked whiskey fragrance and contains the “Ace Of Spades” artwork and mainman Lemmy‘s immortal words “Born To Lose, Live To Win.”

Evoke Candle Co. founder Gina Giambalvo-Glockler says: “I remember the first time I laid eyes on the ‘Ace Of Spades’ album — it was 1980 in Dallas, Texas. I went to our local record store and as always straight to the import section because everyone knew that was where the best new music was to be found. I saw the cover and I had to have it. As soon as I got back home straight onto the turntable it went and that was it — I was hooked for life! We are proud to partner with MOTÖRHEAD and Global Merchandising Services on our ‘Ace Of Spades’ candle.”

The “Ace Of Spades” candle is available for pre-order now, with shipping set to begin in late October.

In 1980, off the back of two essential albums, “Overkill” and “Bomber” the previous year, MOTÖRHEAD continued to get bigger, better, louder and faster by the second. This time, on “Ace Of Spades” they teamed up with producer Vic Maile and came up with twelve songs; each and every one of which crams a regular band’s ten minutes of playing into an average of three. The songtitles alone made ears bleed; “Love Me Like A Reptile”, “Shoot You In The Back”, “The Chase Is Better Than The Catch” and “The Hammer” were a few examples. This landmark album saw the three amigos of Lemmy, Fast Eddie Clarke and Philthy Animal Taylor at the helm of the juggernaut that was MOTÖRHEAD, gaining phenomenal growth in popularity as they forged onward. The band’s and fans ideas, wants and inspirations, converged at a perfect tangent. Anyone disputing this fact need look no further than any heavy metal gig of the time and play “spot the MOTÖRHEAD T-shirt and jacket.” They outnumbered anyone else by at least five to one. A statistic that is still accurate some forty-five years since they first began!

The “Ace Of Spades” album release was a magical moment in rock ‘n’ roll history, an album which had enormous global impact and continues to resonate and inspire people worldwide. Fans to this day still remember where they were when they first heard it, and it immediately inspired bands worldwide to absorb the album’s energy, speed, and attitude into their own work. “Ace Of Spades” is ground zero for thrash, speed metal, and punk/metal crossover.

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