Momo: Yngwie Malmsteen practice session

I am in the middle of the exam at the moment. Today was Japanese history. One thing that I could not solve within that problem. Q. What is the name of the diary of Mr. Fujiwara Kokuto, written by Michiharu Fujiwara’s Waka, if I think that this world is my world and I do not think there is anything hidden from the moon. I usually practice with this feeling. “Far Beyond The Sun” and “Venance” are completely unchanged from what I had uploaded before, but “Op, 5” has changed the fingering pattern from last time. There are lots of mistakes and I think there are many unfortunate places, but please take a look if you have time. I will devote. Well then, I will study for exams from now.

momo 17years old Yngwie Malmsteen practice

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