Mika Tyyskä, Troy Grady: Explains – How Much Gain is Enough?

Everything Mika Tyyskä plays is just damn beautiful. Such as, for example, his awesome tune “Be Wind My Friend”, which you can find on the Mr. Fastfinger album “Spirit Rising” ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nozYQ… ). This becomes even more apparent when you take away the backing tracks to reveal the lush guitar tones beneath. Who doesn’t appreciate a player who knows how to get these kinds of sounds? Mika walks us through some of the exquisite colors on his pedal board, and explains a little of his tonal journey. Full-length interview coming soon!https://www.troygrady.com/mika

How Much Gain is Enough? Mika Tyyskä Explains

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