Mika Tyyskä: Digitech FreqOut – Ambient Demo Improvisation –

Digitech FREQOUT- a very special pedal. You seriously can take your guitar playing and expression to another level with this. Bought this pedal the day before, after a quick test at Custom Sounds Helsinki I knew it’s my kind of pedal. Then yesterday I hooked it to my rig, and started experimenting. This is what came out. No overdubs of anykind. Everything you hear is 100% directly from guitar pedalboard and amp, just some more delay and reverb added in Cubase for the stereo effect.
I’m especially super excited about the Sub mode, you can do magic with this! I did this demo for the pure joy of loving the pedal. Not a commercial job. Feel free to ask about the pedal!

Ruokangas Guitar, Freqout, Pedalboard (built by Custom Boards Helsinki) with Mad Professor Compressor, Ibanez Tube Screamer mini, Boss NS-2, Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister Deluxe 40 clean channel (preamp), DD-500, RV-6, Hughes & Kettner poweramp, BluGuitar Blubox, Golden Age Project mic preamp + EQ, Cubase (with few plug-ins: Soothe, Waves Q-10, IK Multimedia EQ and some delay and reverb.

Digitech FreqOut – Ambient Demo Improvisation – Mika Tyyskä

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