Michael Casswell: Tribute Concert 21 June 2017

Highlights from the Michael Casswell Tribute gig at The 100 Club on 21st of June, 2017. A tribute celebrating the life of legendary guitarist Michael Casswell, featuring East of Java and special guests including Tony Hadley and Limhal. The concert, which is to raise money for his family, included a special ‘virtual’ performance by Mike via two of his music videos we created and projected onto a screen and played ‘live’ with the band.

Mike Casswell & Band
East of Java & Co
Richard Watts & Band
John Dawson & Band
Marcus Malone & Band
Limhal & Band
Phil Hilborne & Band
Mick Wilson
Mix Amylo & Band
Tony Hadley & Band
Stuart Bull & Band


Andy Carr – Bass
Andy Staples – Bass
Danny Gill – Gtr
Dave Wilson – Vox/Gtr
James Crow – Gtr
Jamie Humphries – Gtr
Lee Hodgson – Gtr
Luke Naim – Drums
Lynne Walker – Sax
Mike Connolly – Drums
Pat Hughes – Bass
Pete Clarke – Bass
Pete Riley – Drums
Phil Hillborne – Gtr
Phil Taylor – Keys
Phil Williams – Bass
Richard Watts – Vox
Tim Bye – Drums
Winston Blissett – Bass
YoYo – Bass

Michael Casswell: In His Own Words

Michael Casswell’s Guitar Collection

“Friends for Life” by Michael Casswell (Official 4K music video)

Michael Casswell Tribute (21 June 2017) – Full concert

Truth In Shredding RIP post: https://www.truthinshredding.com/2016/10/michael-casswell-tragic-death-after.html

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