Marty Friedman Showcases his Signature Jackson MF-1 Models

In this exclusive interview, guitar hero Marty Friedman delves into his long history with Jackson and what he was looking for with his new signature MF-1 models.

“When you think metal, it’s Jackson,” he says in this clip. “It hasn’t changed since I was a teenager. That’s what led me back to them but what was important for me, not just that I’m playing metal, but they had to come up with a guitar … if I’m going to endorse a guitar, it can’t be just a metal guitar. It’s got to be able to cover a lot of other things.

“I mean, I know they’ve got the metal down. That’s not even a question, but can they also hang when I’m doing these quiet, sensitive, really moody sweet melodies type of songs? That’s a very important part of my playing and my music. That was the big mountain to climb and they climbed it with me. It was a long journey but they rocked it hard.”

In the clip, Friedman also runs through some of the key features on his signature models and explains why they were important to him, and also gives fans an exclusive look and listen to several riffs and tracks from his upcoming Aug. 4 album, “Wall of Sound.”

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Marty Friedman Showcases his Signature Jackson MF-1 Models

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