Make It Better: 3 Easy Fixes For Your Music Website

1As a musician, having a website is pretty much par for the course at this point, but building one that actually works well, and engages fans while helping to sell your music is essential. Here we look at three easy fixes for making sure your website is helping not hurting you.


In this latest article on MusicThinkTank, Dave Kusek offers up three easy to implement tips for how to fix up your website and increase its effectiveness as a promotional tool.

“Once you’ve simplified and streamlined your website, you need to ask yourself, “What will keep my fans coming back again and again?”

For the most part, musicians will keep their website pretty static and maybe update it every few months. That’s definitely a good start, but first and foremost, your website is the place where you will sell music, sell merch, and get fans on your email list, right? And if fans aren’t going back to your website on a regular basis they won’t be exposed to those offers.”

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