Lonnie Is Like Tom Brady And The Music Industry Needs More of Him [KOSHA DILLZ]

tom bradyTom Brady’s incredible come from behind Superbowl victory this week should serve as an inspiration for us all, particualrly those ready to give up their hopes of “making it” in the music business. But heroes are all around us, says indie rapper Kosha Dillz, if we just look for and nurture them.


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By indie rapper Kosha Dillz

A Tom Brady is what we need in the music industry. But there are a lot more Lonnies. Let me explain.

5 years ago, I had my best friend broke roommate Lonnie tell me to get a recording studio so i can record on the road. I went in a winnebago and had this 1000 dollar pro tools system to have in case anything happened. Lonnie was driving a cab at the time and was sort of this spiritual advisor and i listened to him and got it.

I travelled for months with it, and then i got a call from my producer Jesse Shatkin about re-creating this song we had called Cellular phone. I went into a rest stop in loveland colorado. I paid 12 bucks to go in and record this tune in a gas station shower room and 10 days later it changed my life forever. We made over $100,000 in a collaborative effort and Lonnie didn’t get any of it, but it was because of him that I made the opportunity happen. In 2015, I was also told by Lonnie to stop being a bitch and get a sound system and start rapping not the street. I did it outside the Grammys in 2015 and signed up for this survey, which led to me landing a 100 and 50 dollar American Express gift card with Chevy cars. Later on, we see myself in a commercial and it generates me over $50,000 dollars for saying the words “pretty bomb dude” and only showing th back of my head.

Lonnie didn’t get any of that money either.

Lonnie was a cab driver who got fired from his cab and eventually got fired from UBER, because he got into too many accidents

Lonnie now co-owns a rehab detox center, sober living and out-patient center  and and is worth over a quarter of a million bucks.

Lonnie was basically knocked out of the game 28-3 and everyone started leaving him. He was washed up.  People stopped calling him back. They left early. They had other things to attend to. He came back stayed in the game, helped others on his team, and now he is celebrating in the end zone.

There are a lot of people on the come back road out there right now that you are not messing with on any level. Why don’t you give them a call and see if they need anything? You might be what they need to finish strong. 

Kosha Dillz is the man. He is curating his own SXSW showcase called OY VEY and has a billboard charting album. He is going on his OY VEY USA TOUR, where he will save the world from it current state of peril. Subscribe to his tour dates on bandsintown. Follow him on twitter and instagram and facebook or email him here about performing at his SXSW showcases at rapperfriends@gmail.com.

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