Life-Affirming and Uplifting? Behold Tool’s "Schism" Performed in a Major Key

Way back in ancient times—October 2016, to be exact—we shared a popular video of a 40-piece orchestra (Metamorphestra) performing Tool’s “Schism,” a classic track from the band’s 2001 album, Lateralus.

Well, Nick Proch, the man behind that video (and so many more), is back with a new version of “Schism.” This time, he’s performed it in a—gasp!—major key.

As one YouTube commenter puts it, “This is sacrilege, but I dig it.” We think you’ll feel the same—minus the sacrilege part.

Anyone from Nigel Tufnel to the casual listener can tell that Tool’s version of “Schism” is minor all the way, and it’s a sound that has been part of our lives for 16 years. Suddenly, as Proch puts it, the track sounds “life-affirming and uplifting.”

Be sure to give it a listen below—and enjoy all the footage of happy animals and shiny happy people as you take it all in. We’ve included Tool’s version of the song so you can compare and contrast. Enjoy!

For more fine videos by Proch, be sure to follow him on YouTube.

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