Lee Jihye: “Sonny Moon” – Practical Seoul Music School Guitar Festival

Seoul High School Music Practical GUITAR FESTIVAL 2015
Seoul Practical Music School Concert Hall

Song: Sonny Moon
DRUM: hayeseong
BASS: gyeongah amount
E.GUITAR: Lee Jihye
KEYBOARD: Han Seongjun


Seoul Music High School (SMHS) , a private high school in Seoul, Korea that boasts the country’s top acceptance rate not only to Korean music colleges, but also to the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.

SMHS has been officially certified as a regular high school course by the government in 2009. Now, SMHS is the most competitive and popular music school to enter in Korea.

It has produced many K-POP ( Korean pop) teen idols who have a huge fan base in Asia and in the West, such as Shiney (Jong-Hyun, main vocal), Boyfriend (Jung-Min, Vocal), Hello Venus ( A-ra), and Block- B (Zico, leader). The popular Korean television drama show “Dream High” was inspired by Seoul Music High School and its culture and success.

Lee Jihye “Sonny Moon” – Practical Seoul Music School Guitar Festival

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