Led Zeppelin Reunion? 3 Words From Robert Plant Break Internet

robert plantCould it be true? Is Led Zeppelin finally reuniting. Many in the industry have tried to make it happen, including offering huge paydays, all to no avail. But three words from Rob Plant published on his web site have sparked new hopes that the band is getting back together.


Robert Plant

The front page of Robert Plant‘s official web site has been taken over by three words: “Any time now…”  Their appearance sent the internet into a frenzy yesterday.  

Is a Led Zeppelin reunion finally going to happen ? Perhaps, though there have been no other leaks suggesting it before or after Plant’s cryptic declaration.

We’re betting that Plant is simply teasing a new album.  It would be his first since 2014’s “Lullaby and the Ceaseless Roar.”

image from upload.wikimedia.org

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