Lari Basílio: Workshop and Tour in Brazil 2017

Lari Basílio: Workshop and  Tour in Brazil 2017

17 Aug 2017 São Paulo, SP (Brazil) EM & T School of Music and Technology
22 Aug 2017 Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil) Riff School of Music
24 Aug 2017 Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil) Starling Academy of Music
25 Aug 2017 Campo Grande, RJ (Brazil) Luciano Alf School
26 Aug 2017 Niteroi, RJ (Brazil) About Me
28 Aug 2017 Mineiros, GO (Brazil) About Me
29 Aug 2017 Rio Verde, GO (Brazil) About Me
30 Aug 2017 Goiania, GO (Brazil) Musical Harmony
31 Aug 2017 Anápolis, GO (Brazil) Musical Harmony

São Paulo is the first city and, after, Lari Basilio continue the tour sponsored by the brand of pedals GNI Music in the States of Rio de Janeiro, Goias and Distrito Federal.

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