Lady Gaga Sales Jump 1000% After Superbowl Perfomance

image from www.hypebot.comLady Gaga’s Superbowl half time show on Sunday created a massive bounce, according to stats from Nielsen Music. Based on initial sales reports collected for Sunday, Gaga sold about 150,000 digital albums and songs in the U.S. that day – an increase of over 1,000% compared to the day before the game.

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More Lady Gaga post Superbowl 2017 stats from Nielsen Music:

  • Sold more songs and albums digitally than she did in the entire week ending Feb. 2(this number includes physical and digital formats).  In the week ending Feb. 2, Gaga sold 30,000 albums and songs, of which 26,000 were digital.
  • Her catalog of albums sold more than 23,000 downloads on Feb. 5, which is 1,395 percent growth compared to the previous day (nearly 2,000).
  • Sold over 125,000 song downloads — up about 960 percent compared to the previous day
  • Her biggest-selling song on Sunday was “Million Reasons,” with 45,000 downloads (up nearly 900 percent compared to the previous day’ roughly 5,000).
  • Million Reasons” had its best sales week ever. So far, the song saw its best sales week since October release frame in the week ending Dec. 8, 2016, when it sold 44,000 from all digital retailers.
  • On Sunday, “Bad Romance” sales were up 1,525 percent to over 13,000 downloads, “Born This Way” was up 2,202 percent to over 12,000 and “Poker Face” was up 1,217 percent to 10,000.
  • Gaga’s second-biggest selling digital album on Sunday was The Fame Monster– home to both “Bad Romance” and “Telephone” — with about 6,000 sold (up from nearly nothing the previous day).

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