Kyle T. Hurley Releases Second Album, ‘KTH II’

London-based, U.S.-born country-blues artist Kyle T. Hurley has been hard at work across the pond recordind his second album, KTH II.

Hurley is a dynamic storyteller, blending genre lines and giving listeners a new, Nineties grunge-inspired take on classic country styles.

On KTH II, Hurley steps beyond his bluesy roots to deliver different soundscapes with every track. From a surf-inspired indie rock song—complete with a raw and heavy guitar solo—to a soulful, bluesy lament with powerhouse vocals, KTH II covers lots of musical ground.

The album was recorded in London and finished at Abbey Road Studios. KTH II features Amy Winehouse guitarist Robin Banerjee.

His debut self-titled album was recorded in the UK at the famed Castlesound Studios, where artists like the Proclaimers, R.E.M. and Mark Knopfler have also laid down tracks. Hurley is living in London and gigging across the UK and Europe.

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