Kemper Releases Free Ton(e)hammer Rig Pack for the Kemper Profiler

Kemper recently released the Ton(e)hammer Rig Pack for the Kemper Profiler.

This new free Rig Pack for all owners of the acclaimed Kemper Profiler features 50 profiles of the most sought-after guitar amps for metal and rock.

All the amps were profiled utilizing the direct profiling method that captures the sonic behavior of the amp and the cabinet independently.

Here is the list of the profiled amplifiers:

• Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier – 1992 Rev F
• Diezel Hagen
• Diezel VH4 EL34
• Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Solo Head
• Diezel Herbert Mk1 EL34
• Engl Extreme Agression
• EVH 5150III 50 Watt
• Marshall JCM800 KK
• Laney Ironheart 60
• Marshall DSL100H
• Peavey 6534+
• PRS Archon 100
• Marshall MR2555X Silver Jubilee Reissue
• Soldano Hot Rod 50+
• Suhr Badger 35
• Engl Invader 150 EL34
• Marshall JCM800 2205
• Marshall JVM410
• Laboga Mr. Hector MK2
• Peavey Triple XXX
• Orange Rockerverb 50 MK3
• Randall V2
• Randall Diavlo RD45
• Mesa Royal Atlantic RA-100
• Marshall AFD100 Slash Signature

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