Kelly Simonz: Allegro Maestoso – Blind Faith

【Live Inforamtion】 2017/7/14 (fri) Kelly SIMONZ’s BLIND FAITH 「OVERTURE OF DESTRUCTION」 & Rachel Mother Goose 「TOKIWA NO SAI」 Double Recovery show advance sale 3,500yen 4,000yen on the same day Opening separately 18: 30 opening 19 : 00 Play guide P code 333 – 167 L code 42265 Please do not miss this opportunity. Kelly SIMONZ’s BLIND FAITH Rachel Mother Goose http: // … Electric Lady Land 2017/7 / 23 (sun) “SEEK THE FAITH” Venue: Meguro Kaneikan Time: Open 17 : 00 / Start 17 : 30 Price: Advance Selling 4,000 That day 4,500 (without 1 Drink) Cast: Kelly SIMONZ’s BLIND FAITH RE-ARISE > Epuras (5/21 10: 00 ? / Numbered number) * Access can not be made before starting reception. Http: // … 2. Reserve each band Kelly SIMONZ’s BLIND FAITH band reservation page is here. In addition, those who booked the band will start exchange for tickets one hour before the opening. If you do not exchange, please be careful because you can not enter the entrance at the time of opening. 【Entrance order: Epu rus ordination number (A ticket) ⇒ Band reservation (B tickets · sorted by order) ⇒ the day tickets】 * If the visitors concentrate just before the opening, it may not be able to enter before the opening . We ask for your cooperation so that we can have a margin. * Please do not record or record during LIVE. Meguro Kaneikan 1 – 5-17 Meguro Meguro, Tokyo 153 – 0063 Tokyo Yamazaki Building B1 F TEL.03 – 3494 – 1801 2017 / 8/26 (sat) Tokyo Kinema Club “the 14th” Kelly SIMONZ’s BLIND FAITH “OVERTURE OF DESTRUCTION 2017” OPEN 17:00 / START 18:00 ADV 4500 YEN / DOOR 5000 YEN (+ 1 DRINK) Kelly SIMONZ’s BLIND FAITH are Kelly SIMONZ (Gt & Vo ), Kaz (Bass), Yosuke (Drums) and Yama-B (Vo) Please purchase tickets at Eplus. Tickets will be accepted from June 24 (Saturday). ■ Purchase page URL (personal computer / smart phone / mobile common) http: //sort.eplus. Jp / sys / T1U14P001084 … In addition, since only the one who is hard to understand online ticket purchase carries out reserve of tickets by e-mail, please “August 26 Tokyo Kinema Club Live Ticket Desire” Please contact us on clearly stating. ※ Please understand beforehand that there is no ticket reference number etc for entry.

Allegro Maestoso – Kelly SIMONZ’s BLIND FAITH

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