John 5 Premieres Live “Season of the Witch”

Today, John 5 and his band—The Creatures—released their new live LP, It’s Alive! In celebration of the album’s release, presents the exclusive premiere of a video for one of the album’s fiercest cuts, “Season of the Witch.” You can watch it above.

“I remember pulling up to a beautiful venue that we played in Sellersville, Pennsylvania and before we were unloading the equipment, the soundman said, ‘Hey guys, would you like to record the show?’ We said, ‘sure that would be amazing!,’” John5 said of the genesis of It’s Alive!

“I always wanted to have a really great recording of the show. We were a few weeks into the show so we were really well rehearsed, so I said, ‘Alright guys, let’s not jump around. Let’s just really try to get a great performance because we only have one shot—no other shows if we mess up!’ So, we explained to the crowd that we would be recording. You can hear that on the recording of the album, which makes it very magical. It came out amazingly! That’s the magic of live albums to me – capturing the performance.”

You can pick up a copy of It’s Alive! for yourself here.

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