JAMES MICHAEL: ‘There’s Some Incredible New SIXX:A.M. Music That’s Waiting In The Wings’

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James Michael spoke to Andy Hall of the Des Moines, Iowa radio station Lazer 103.3 about the possibility of new music from SIXX:A.M., which consists of James, MÖTLEY CRÜE bassist Nikki Sixx and guitarist DJ Ashba. SIXX:A.M.‘s latest release was a reworked version of its song “Maybe It’s Time”, which came out in August as part of the Artists For Recovery project.

“We’ve been talking a lot,” James said (hear audio below). “Nikki and I spent a lot of time talking — not just about music, but just about life in general. But we have had a lot of conversations recently about writing.

“Actually, when we got off the road in, I think, 2017, we went right into the studio and recorded a few more songs,” he revealed. “So there’s some incredible new SIXX:A.M. music that’s waiting in the wings. So we’re trying to figure out what the next move is, what would make sense for us. And I think this project right here, with ‘Maybe It’s Time’, is a great starter for us to kind of start thinking, ‘Hey, what’s next for us?’ Obviously, with COVID still being such a relevant thing, it’s hard to answer those questions entirely, but we are talking about getting back in the studio and doing some more [writing].”

The new version of “Maybe It’s Time” was made available as part of an industry-wide initiative to draw attention to the opioid crisis and raise funds to serve the recovery community and save lives. The idea for the song, featuring a who’s who lineup of rock, country and alternative stars, was conceived by Sixx, recovery spokesperson and advocate, and one of the leading public figures fighting to destigmatize substance use disorders and recovery. All artist royalties from the song are being donated to the Global Recovery Initiatives foundation (GRI) to support those in early recovery, with a matching contribution from Better Noise Music.

The original version of “Maybe It’s Time” appeared on SIXX:A.M.‘s latest album, “Vol. 2, Prayers For The Blessed”, which was released in November 2016 via Eleven Seven Music. The disc was written and recorded at the same time as “Vol. 1, Prayers For The Damned”, released earlier that same year, and it acted as a companion piece to the first chapter.

This past January, SIXX:A.M. released the official music video for “Talk To Me”. The track, originally released in September 2019, invited each of us to take the first step toward mutual understanding and healing using the power of conversation.

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