Is Taylor Swifts’ New Streaming Strategy Smart Or Hypocritical?

image from www.hypebot.comAs we’ve reported, Taylor Swift intends to keep her new album off streaming services for at least week after its release this Friday November 10th.  But despite the lack of streams, “Reputation” is on track to become the biggest debut of 2017. Is Swift’s new twist on her long standing anti-streaming stance smart business, the height of hypocrisy or a heavy dose of both?


Taylor-Swift Reputation

Taylor Swift will keep her new album “Reputation” off of streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music for at least the first week of release, according the new reports. But even without a boost from streaming, she is still on track to deliver the biggest album debut of 2017.

Swift has long been a vocal critic of streaming services, particularly Spotify’s free ad-supported tier. But despite her ongoing dislike of music streamers, she is 100% fine with using them to market her music. 

Swift’s label Big Machine has already put four songs from her new album, including the hits “Look What You Made Me Do” and “…Ready for It?,” on Spotify, Apple Music and every other music streamer.

And even at the height of her battles with Spotify and Apple,  most of  Swift’s then new music was available to stream at no cost to the music service that pays creators the least per stream – YouTube.

It seem’s that Taylor Swift trully has figured out how to have it both ways.


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