Introducing Ultimate Gear Guide: A Safe Haven for the Gear Obsessed

For the past few months, the gang at Guitar World, Guitar Player, Bass Player, Guitar Aficionado, Keyboard and Electronic Musician has been holed up in our respective underground lairs, working behind the scenes on a new project: a website that brings obsessed gear heads all the information they could ever want—about the latest and greatest (and newest) equipment.

Well, it’s here!

Our brand-new Ultimate Gear Guide is live and raring to go, inviting you to cut through all the “distortion” out there and offer an easy-to-navigate way to find your favorite gear. From guitars to basses to amps to effects, the Ultimate Gear Guide has got you covered.

The site collects the best products that have been covered in our print magazines—Guitar World, Guitar Player, Bass Player, Guitar Aficionado, Keyboard and Electronic Musician—and their websites, as well as in the print edition of the Ultimate Gear Guide, and categorizes everything for a thorough look-see at gear, gear and more gear.

Want to spend a few pleasant hours perusing through eye-catching electric or acoustic guitars? Click the main navigation tabs and have at it. We’ve further categorized the sections by price (“under $200,” “$201 to $499,” “$500 to $999” and so on).

Got your eye on the Gretsch, Fender, Jericho or Epiphone of your dreams? Fine. Just enter your product into the SEARCH box.

We’ve tried to make the Ultimate Gear Guide an extremely useful, educational, ergonomic and fun resource for perusing all of the current products available to guitarists, bassists, recording musicians and anyone who loves gear.

Please keep returning to check on updates, additions and impending improvements, because we’re constantly growing and sprucing up the site. Hey, we don’t call it “Ultimate” for nothing!


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