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From their origins at BIMM Bristol back in 2019, to being picked by Nels Hylton and Jack Saunders for Future Alternative Radio 1 airplay, IOTA have come a long way in a relatively short time. With their musical passions being quite varied, they incorporate a myriad of eclectic influences to create a sound that would fit straight in amongst grunge acts such as HOLE, PJ HARVEY and SMASHING PUMPKINS, through to the likes of NO DOUBT.

Whilst still learning their craft, getting help from the likes of Lee Kiernan, guitarist with IDLES, who helped teach them to be more critical and was a vital cog in the recording of their latest EP Tyrants is sure to prove invaluable. Vocalist Jodie Robinson admits, “Lee taught us there doesn’t need to be guitar in there, don’t put in guitar for the sake of it.” It’s good to see a band showing  the levels of self-criticism that need to be stuck to when creating music. It’s something they seem to have quickly taken on board, as Tyrants shows. The band were thorough, and they went through several different people before finalising who would handle the vital production side of the release.

“It’s really important for us to convey our energy when we record a song,” Jodie continues to explain, discussing their values when it comes to tracking their new material. It’s evident IOTA focus on how it will come across in a live setting is of paramount importance to them. As support slots alongside the likes of STATIC DRESS at their Bristol show demonstrates, they have a ferocious live energy that captures the audience’s imagination. As such, it’s of real testimony to them all as an act that such considerations are already forefront in their minds. Instead of buckling under the pressure and constraints of time and releasing something that they may not be so happy with, or unable to reproduce in the live format that is vital to a band’s growth in modern times.

Even at this early stage of their career, IOTA had to dig deep into personal reserves of drive and willpower, after some major setbacks already, such as a fire at their studio in October last year leaving them needing to replace gear. Plus, with the onset of Covid delaying their sophomore EP release by two years and stopped them touring as they began to make headway, amongst other things. Fighting through two such huge events as those at this stage shows a level of grit and resolve that has strengthened the bond between the talented five piece even further and demonstrates quite why they deserve to make it even further beyond the leaps they already are.

Despite the highs and lows they’ve already experienced, they are still a down to earth bunch. “People ask us for signatures and we’re like, ‘Are you sure?’” Jodie says to laughs all around from the rest of the guys.

“Everyone we have worked with so far, we have learned and taken a lot from,” Guitarist Joe Dean also acknowledges. Overall, IOTA are showing their determination to continue to evolve, both individually and as an act. With a huge sound already, they’re eager to fine tune their sound as they continue to discover themselves musically, building upon what already seems like a strong foundation.

As for what is yet to come, the demos are already written for a new album and there are numerous festival appearances and tours plans that are soon to be announced. First though will be their fundraiser gig on March 4th at Rough Trade in Bristol, to help them start to replace all the gear that they lost in the fire in October, alongside the Go Fund Me page that they started at the time. Losing their gear to one side, the future seems very bright for the Bristolians as they continue on their current course of exploring their music and writing even more songs that positively earworm into your skull. With band goals such as touring America, Australia or Germany and playing alongside either BLACK SABBATH or BRING ME THE HORIZON, they are aiming for the stars!

Tyrants is out now via self-release.

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