Illegal Stream Ripping Is Soaring And YouTube Is The Source [New Study]

youtubeA new study is confirming what other surveys have shows, global unauthorized stream ripping is growing aggressively, and the music source of choice for most rippers is Google’s YouTube.


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Privacy has a new face, and it’s one that the likes of the RIAA will have a hard time tracking: stream ripping. 

According to the new study commissioned by the UK’s PRS and the IPO, traffic to stream ripping sites increased 141.3% between 2014 and 2016.  For the first time, stream ripping “overwhelmingly overshadowing all other illegal music” sources.

Where are rippers rapturously ripping from?  YouTube is the most popular source. SoundCloud, Spotify and Deezer are distantly 2-4.  Who is doing the ripping? 16-34 year-olds are the largest demographic at 33%.


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