I Fight Bears release track by track guide for ‘Liberosis’

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I FIGHT BEARS have released a new track by track guide for their upcoming new EP!

After bursting onto the scene with 2018’s self-titled album, now, four years later the Welsh metallers are on the cusp of releasing their brand new EP, Liberosis. Ahead of the EP’s release this Friday, we caught up with vocalist Dan Blackmore from the band to exclusively offer up this unique track by track breakdown of the record.


The simple explanation to this track was that Drew and I are huge Marvel fans, we were pretty gutted after hearing Stan Lee had passed away. About a year later demoing vocals I started to write about how his stories and time on this earth embodied us trying to be better individuals and to be the best we can be, the lyrics attribute this by nodding towards the similar stories Stan wrote as well as how we can be heroes ourselves.


Around the end of 2018, I started to realise that my OCD and anxiety was starting to become a problem. I deliberated over the year and realised I had come to be a better version of myself. The song itself is about the battle and repetition of having anxiety, depression and OCD and realising you can overcome the battles that you fight in your heart and mind and be a stronger better version of yourself and not overcoming to senseless thoughts all the time.

Damaged World

A lot of times driving and walking I sometimes think quite deeply about how we can all be affected by the world in a fast pace and not really take the time to appreciate the life we have. All we care about is how negative the world is and how it does us wrong. The line ‘’We are not the gold we make out to be’’ is a pointed finger at the individuals who think they are above anyone else without any consequence or responsibility in the actions they take. We must unite in a more positive manor and keep being the best we can be even if others bring us to a point we cannot take.


I wrote state back at the very height of depression and heightened anxiety. The year had been quite traumatic, and I was struggling quite a bit. The way I wrote state was as if I was writing to myself on everything, I knew I had to do for me to overcome this period in my life, realising my potential to be more than just a person but a musician who can in some way pass his knowledge and belief to someone who is also struggling.

Believe In Me

This is a very personal song for me, I wrote this about the constant fighting around the world but also how something small can have an adverse effect for the better. Unfortunately after writing this song, I lost a close friend and the lyrics took on a new meaning. For me, it’s about trying to be the best and kindest version of yourself and having someone there to give you that push you need.

Liberosis is set for release on June 24th via self-release.

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