How Metallica’s ‘…And Justice for All’ Would Have Sounded with Cliff Burton on Bass

Metallica bassist Cliff Burton died on September 27, 1986, when the band’s tour bus rolled over on a stretch of icy road, killing him instantly.

Metallica were on tour for their recently released album Master of Puppets and had written most of the songs for their next LP, …And Justice for All.

Bassist Andriy Vasylenko—the man behind Total Cliff, a noncommercial tribute to Burton—wondered how …And Justice for All would have sounded if Burton had been alive to record it. He assembled this video clip of him playing snippets from the album’s tracks in the style he feels Burton might have played.

“Of course you’ve thought about it—what if Cliff were still alive and recorded all the Metallica albums featured Jason Newsted,” Vasylenko writes. “This topic often leads to a hot discussion that makes no sense, actually. Nevertheless, the question ‘what if’ could teach some interesting things in terms of music.

“So, this is my speculative …And Justice for All bass medley, how it might sound with Cliff’s bass arrangement approach, based on what I’ve learned making Total Cliff.

Check it out below, and visit Total Cliff’s Facebook page for more information.

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