How Kids React to Led Zeppelin

The React videos have been around for a long time, and—whether you want to admit it or not—they prove to be fairly popular among readers.

Now, Fine Brothers Entertainment, makers of the popular “Kids React” videos, are back with a new clip showing how youngsters respond to hearing Led Zeppelin for the first time.

The video is worth watching almost solely for one of the subjects, an 8-year-old named Jake. His passion for the band—who he says he heard via his dad—can put virtually any self-proclaimed die-hard to shame. If anything, it’ll remind you of the sheer power of hearing amazing music as a young, impressionable child.

Another highlight comes when 6-year-old Sophie says of the first lines of “Whole Lotta Love,” “I have no idea what they said at the first bit. It sounds like ‘I need oatmeal.'”

You can see all of the reactions—which run the gamut from euphoric to disinterested—below.

For more React clips, follow along on YouTube.

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