How Kids React to Guns N’ Roses

Fine Brothers Entertainment, the makers of “Kids React” videos, have created clips showing how young folks respond to everything from rotary phones to Metallica.

The group has now set its sights on hard rock heavyweights Guns N’ Roses. In this new clip, kids listen to a selection of cuts from the group’s debut album, Appetite for Destruction,” a disc released 30 years ago. The reactions are generally positive, but the kids do detect similarities among the songs and are occasionally baffled by the lyrics.

Afterward, they’re shown photos of Axl and Slash, which leads to comments like, “That’s a lot of tattoos!” “Why does he wear a top hat?” and “Slash has a cigarette. That’s not good for you, bro.”

The best is saved for last, when the kids are shown Guns N’ Roses’ video for “November Rain,” prompting responses like, “She’s dead already?” “She died on their wedding day!” and “How’d she die?”

Take a look, have a laugh, and visit the FBE YouTube channel for more.

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