Harnessing The Power Of Music To Make Cities Better

1While music plays a major role in making cities the vibrant epicenters of culture which they can and should be, few pay much attention to the work which must go into making this happen. Music Cities Convention is looking to alter this, and is taking steps to make music in cities a part of political agendas everywhere.


In this recent article on MusicThinkTank, William Cook looks at a recent Music Cities convention in Memphis working to harness the power of music to improve cities.

“The conference kicked off with the help of two esteemed Memphis institutions, The Stax Museum of American Soul Music and the Memphis Slim Collaboratory, who co-hosted the opening reception. Representatives from all over the world spent Thursday discussing the development of music markets, examining how to make US cities more artist-friendly by analyzing case studies of international cities that prioritizes comprehensive music strategies to drive economic growth. All in all, Thursday’s discussion underscored Music Cities Conventions’ vision: all cities can – and should – have a music strategy!”

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