Guitar Cheats: Three Ways to Solo Like a Pro

Today we present “Three Ways to Solo Like a Pro,” part 3 of Darrell Braun’s popular “guitar cheats” series of lessons. By the way, if you missed parts 1 and 2, you can find them right here:

Guitar Cheats: Never Play Barre Chords Again

Five Easier Alternatives to the F Chord.

Anyway, in his new lesson, Braun offers tips on, well, how to solo. He kicks off by boiling down three different pentatonic forms into one easy shape. And, as always, Braun’s videos display the tabs as he plays the notes, so you can follow along.

It might seem like pretty basic stuff at the outset, but give it a chance; there are pointers to be found!

For more videos by Braun, head to Darrell Braun Guitar on YouTube.

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